Your PT

Hi, I'm Jen, your Personal Trainer.

For me, education and exercise have always been key building blocks in my life. 

My journey first began as a School Teacher, motivated by the desire to help children become all that they can be. This brought me into contact with so many moms who were working hard and investing so much into their families. 

I recognised the need for women to have time and space to invest back into themselves, and my passion for exercise led me to found Tauranga’s Personal Trainer. 

TpT is an environment where women can leave their stresses at the door and focus entirely on themselves. A space where I can educate them on nutrition and mindset, building relationships and a supportive community, empowering them to want to move and live a healthy lifestyle. 

It's the small, consistent changes that make the greatest success and that is what drives me every day. 

Feel free to contact me, I'm here to help you.


Jen x  


Registered Pelvic Floor Safe Fitness Instructors:


Jen Telfer 

Founder and Head Trainer

- Certified member of New Zealand Registered Exercise Professionals (REPs)

- NZ Registered Pelvic Floor Safe Fitness Instructors

- Level 4 Certificate in Personal Training

- Level 3 & 4 Certificate in Fitness

- Level 4 Nutrition - Health and Wellness

- Award for Continence NZ Pelvic Floor Focus Workshop

- Award for Personal Training FitLink Australia & New Zealand

- Current Comprehensive First Aid Certificate